Video: The time Conor McGregor scored a four-second knock-out in Letterkenny


LAST SATURDAY NIGHT, the world watched on as Conor McGregor defeated Jose Also in just 13 seconds for the fastest championship victory in UFC history.

Dubliner McGregor was celebrating his clinching of UFC Featherweight title at UFC 194 in Las Vegas – but it wasn’t the fastest knock-out of his career.

Four years ago, the ‘Notorious’ fought at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Letterkenny when he defeated Northern Ireland’s Paddy Doherty in just four seconds.

The fight, part of Immortal Fighting Championship 4, took place on April 16, 2011, in the Carnegie room.

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Exactly two weeks later, Aldo was defending his world title against Mark Hominik in front of 55,274 people at the Rogers Center in Toronto.

“To be honest, I barely knew who he was,” Doherty told SevereMMA afterwards about the Letterkenny bout.

“By the time we fought I had seen him fighting one time before, but I had been coming back and forward from England a lot at the time. I didn’t really have my head in the MMA scene the way I used to.

“The plan was that I would come out as southpaw and start hitting him with the left, but then I was going to switch and step into an orthodox position. He hit me with an overhand right, I think it was an overhand right anyway, and that was it.

“I can’t really remember that much of it but my whole plan was to switch in the middle. I didn’t get the chance to do it on the night after taking the shot, but that’s just how these things happen sometimes,”

Watch the video below, courtesy of SevereMMA

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