Sheephaven Diving aiming for another successful year


Sheephaven diving moves into 2019 after another full year of in-water activities both at home and abroad.

During 2018 the divers returned to a range of favourite local sites in Donegal, whether they were reefs or wrecks dives accessed either from shore or by boat.

But we also got onto some new sites as well, in particular the stags off Arranmore last summer stands out, as it turnout to be an excellent dive in pristine waters, as evidenced by the marine flora and fauna observed on site.

In particular the presence of Potato Crisp Bryozoan in significant numbers was an indicator of how good the water quality is in this area.

Abroad for some of the club members there were dive trips to Spain and the Canary Islands, with much more adventurous travelling to the Galapagos Island in the Pacific Ocean – undoubtedly the most iconic of dive locations on the planet.

Closer to home the opportunity to dive the German warship wrecks in Scapa Flow in late August last year is an experience that will remain with the Sheephaven divers involved for a lifetime.

At all times this recreational diving is tempered with the club’s civic duty of providing a Search and Recovery option to the Civil powers of the State and we responded to such call outs during 2018.

Snorkelling remains the foundation for diving activities and without fail it continues throughout the year, in stubborn defiance of whatever the Irish weather has to throw at us and last Sunday saw the divers take to the water in PortnaBlagh for the first snorkel of the year.

In-water conditions were very good, excellent visibility and no swell, although the water temperature at 8C has probably dipped as low as it will get at this location.

As the club members of Sheephaven SAC move into 2019 they look forward to the diving at home and abroad that the qualifications gained from the Irish Underwater Council allows them to avail off and indeed wish to share with new people to the sport.

While the existing divers may make a New Year resolution to increase their in-water participation or hopefully get to some foreign dive that has been a long term ambition, for anyone wishing to take up a new adventure then they should consider diving with Sheephaven SAC.

Contact details are posted on the clubs Facebook account – Sheephaven – and a programme of training will commence in the next few weeks for new entrants, while the club welcomes divers from other affiliations if they wish to join.

Multimedia Sports Reporter from Derry currently repenting for my sins in Letterkenny. Recent journalism graduate. NUJ member.

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